From time to time we are asked about movies or videos related to Zen or Zen practice. Since 2005 and the advent of You Tube there have been many documentaries and other videos that present Zen and Zen practice put on the internet. On our "How to do Zazen" page we list several groups that also have associated videos on You tube that may be of interest.

While we do not endorse or recommend any particular presentation we have found several that are informative and or entertaining that may be of value. We are not in any way connected to these productions and receive no financial compensation for this listing. We list these videos here as a courtesy.

Aloha Buddha Documentary (2011)

Directed by Bill Ferehawk and Dylan Robertson.

This is a story of how Japanese people came to Hawaii in the late 1800s and adjusted their culture and religion to fit in a foreign land.(-Amazon)

Zen (2009)

Directed by Banmei Takahashi.

A portrait of Dogen Zenji and the founding of Soto Zen in Japan.

Enlightenment guaranteed (1999)

Directed by Doris Dorrie.

Two very different brothers get together for a temporary stay in a Japanese zen monastry. The trip from Germany to Japan brings up some unexpected quests they have to manage. Soon both really have to leave their ordinary lifes behind and are on a voyage to themselves.(-Amazon)