The instructions on how to do Zazen are clear and straightforward. However, while the essentials remain the same, there are slight ritual variations due to the history and circumstances of a particular practice place.

The links below give an idea of how different groups approach Zazen. Again, while the essentials of Zazen are straightforward, we recommend that you contact us for personal instruction related to our practice and facility.

“Many people have an image of Zen as something difficult when actually it is a very clear and concise teaching. The Chinese character with which the word is written means to indicate or point to the essential, underlying oneness of all things. Zen is to awaken to this principle and truth of nature and the way to realize our innate, delusion-free, peace of mind. Zen practice is to eliminate the sense of separation between the self and others that we always project.

“Zazen, or sitting meditation, is central to Zen practice. It is to sit without seeking enlightenment and without rejecting delusion. Zen teachers often encourage their students to “just sit,” letting everything be as-it-is. When Buddha attained enlightenment, he was seated in zazen meditation. The same practice has been followed for over 2,500 years by the women and men who sit in zazen.”

- From Zenshuji Soto Mission, Los Angeles, CA.