Joining us for our Zazen sessions and our classes is on a doantion basis. If after a time sitting with us becomes part of your regular practice we ask that you join us in supporting this activity. We are lucky that our space is donated to us so that we can pass that along however there are associated expenses involved. Our Annual membership fee is  set at $216.00. This can be broken up in whatever manner that is easiest and that is not a hardship.

Payments can be made by check or cash as well as online via PayPal.

Some points to think about supporting 'Alaneo Zendo: 

Deepen your practice

‘Alaneo Zendo supports your practice as you sit zazen, study dharma with teachers, and connect with other practitioners. It provides a container for your practice and a resource for anyone who wants to hear the dharma. With your support, ‘Alaneo Zendo offers two periods of zazen each week, weekly dharma talks, periodic sessions (intensive retreats), and ceremonies.

Create community

At ‘Alaneo Zendo, zazen-based practice is integrated with daily life. The sangha community comes together for various forms of practice, for celebrations (Buddha’s Birthday, Renewal of Precepts Vows) and for mutual support as we follow the Buddha Way of wisdom and compassion.

Volunteer to help

Zen has always emphasized work as part of practice. Support ‘Alaneo Zendo by volunteering to work on special or ongoing projects such as sangha events, administrative tasks, and building and garden maintenance and improvement.

Practice generosity: support the Zendo

Generosity is essential to all dharma practice. A commitment to membership reminds us of our intention to practice with our whole life. Your membership sustains the teachings, supports our teacher, and maintains the zendo.

Membership is the primary financial support for ‘Alaneo Zendo. Committed giving is essential to daily operation of the zendo. Having regular pledged income lets us budget for expenses and develop programs.

Membership is not the same as sangha participation. Anyone may practice as part of the ‘Alaneo Zendo sangha. Membership is a commitment to your Zen practice and to ‘Alaneo Zendo. It is the regular, systematic support by our members that keeps the zendo alive.