Please consider donating to 'Alaneo Zendo above and beyond what is typically asked for. Our requests for funds whether they be membership or for some other purpose is us usually done by the most modest of request.  We do this so that there is the least burden possible placed on those participating yet enough so that goals can be achieved. Not everyone is gifted with huge disposable financial resources so we must make the effort to be fair, mindful and understanding of everyone's financial situation.

The reality of how we would like things to be versus what is possible is usually quite different. The early days of any sitting group is usually a struggle  and we have certainly had ours but we have been ever so blessed with a wonderful place to regularly meet along with donations of ritual and support items that takes most groups many years to acquire.

The growth of this group and the expansion of programs offered will be determined in part by its financial stability. We live in a culture that does not automatically support our activities as it does in many other parts of the world. In our case this is by design and it is as it should be and meant to be. However membership fees and incidental donations do not come anywhere close to fully funding a group such as ours or any religious organization. Membership usually makes up only a fraction of what it takes.

Sponsorships, underwriting, charitable contributions and special donations are ways that make up a significant part of the other "heavy lifting" of the funding requirements. For this reason we became a not for profit religious organization with the IRS designation 501 3c. All donations can therefore be tax deductible. Tax consideration is also made for other types of large donations such as property and automobiles.

Larger donations ensure future growth and can become a legacy not only to the membership but for the community.

Right now 'Alaneo Zendo primarily meets to offer meditation and weekly classes on aspects of Buddhist practice. This is a humble beginning and from this we see the seeds of what could be a larger offering to the community of East Hawaii. Our steady growth has shown a definite need in this community for what we offer.

Part of our plan as a group is to let it grow organically but also to plan for it's growth so that when and if it happens we are ready to accommodate it. We are charged no fee from Holy Apostles yet they are willing to support the expansion of our building because of our need. We are incredibly fortunate that our desire to grow is being facilitated by such a wonderful and caring organization.

We owe it to Holy Apostles and to our membership and friends to become a more self-supporting organization. If we are to ever offer more activities and programs to more people than just our current core group we will have to do significant fundraising beyond what our membership fees currently budget for. We will have to start thinking of financial strategies such as investments and endowments to secure a long-term survivability.

This all starts from a commitment to the Dharma to follow the precepts and to walk down the path of the Middle way towards enlightenment. Even though our modern life in this time and culture demands that we think about these financial matters we must never forget our Bodhisattva precepts that we vow to live by.

Let our compassion for all beings be a thoughtful guide to instruct us as to how best to channel what resources that we may have at our disposal in the best possible and effective way.

Like they say here in Hawaii "if I can, I can, if I no can, I no can". So if you can please do!

Please donate through PayPal. Mahalo for your gracious contribution.