The majority of our current thinking about the future growth  of 'Alaneo Zendo centers around the kinds of offerings that expanded spiritual practice affords. While we have our physical plant needs satisfied in the near to medium term by our residence at Holy Apostles we need to start to think and to plan what our eventual next steps may need to be.

One logical next step would be to start thinking about acquiring our own property and building. This is a big step and one that will require years of fundraising and planning. If we can imagine it we can achieve this goal but we must lay the groundwork now.

In today's money a modest facility and the property that it sits on would cost in the range of $250,000. This is based on current construction costs of a modest 600-800 sq. ft. open space building on a quarter acre of fee simple land in the Hilo area. This would be for our own purpose-built facility however the purchase and remodel of an already standing building or house would also be considered.

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The monies donated to this project will be kept in s special account and overseen by our Board of Directors and not to be used to finance other projects or activities. This goal will change and evolve over time and hopefully be fine tuned with more detail and reported on here as we move forward.

As directed by the 'Alaneo Zendo Board of Directors and members we hereby establish the 'Alaneo Zendo Building Fund. We encourage any and all donations !

In Gassho!