In 2014 ‘Alaneo Zendo was formed in response to a growing need in East Hawaii for a practice-based community in the Soto Zen tradition. Unencumbered by the cultural and social expectations of a traditional temple setting, ‘Alaneo Zendo focuses on meditation—practiced in a simple and intimate setting—as the foundation of the teachings of Dogen and Keizan Zenji.

The ability to grow with change is one of Zen Buddhism’s most important teachings, especially now as the worldview becomes ever more diverse and far-reaching. ‘Alaneo Zendo is the result of years of experience gained from the traditions of the major Soto lineages of the mainland United States, the traditional temples of Hawaii, and the monastic practices of Japan. This range allows the Zendo’s community to recognize and practice within the world’s diversity while still honoring its roots.

Founding members of the zendo




Founding Members of the Zendo