‘Alaneo Zendo, established in 2014, is a meditation group recognized in the United States and Japan as part of the Soto Zen lineage. It is a practice-based and meditation-oriented community which offers Zazen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm on the Big Island in Hilo, HI. Our sittings consist of two 25-minute periods of Zazen separated by 10 minutes of walking meditation. We have zafu and zabuton for anyone wishing to sit in the traditional style or there are plenty of chairs, if you prefer. We strongly recommend that you call prior to your first sitting for personal instruction about our procedures and practices.

On Tuesday Zazen is a bit more formal in style and ritual and we follow it with a short service that includes sutra chanting. Our Thursday Zazen is more informal and it is followed by our informal study class where questions are encouraged about any and all aspects of practice.


Member: Soto Zen Bhuddist Association